VARIETIES: The main variety is ¨manzanilla¨, locally produced together with ¨verdial¨ and ¨gordal¨. Manzanilla olives make a fruity and somehow spicy oil. On the other hand, the oil made after ¨verdial¨ olives is sweeter and more fruity. The most exclusive and particular is the oil made after small ¨gordal¨ olives called ¨azofairón¨

PRODUCTION: the oil is produced as soon as the olives reach the oil mill by keeping the right temperature from the time the olives are unloaded to the final spinning cycle. Through this process, the quantity obtained is less, but the quality of the oil is very high.

TASTING NOTE: This oil has an strong fruity taste. It is characterized by an intense green color which creates a sensation related to the freshness of green olives. Its aroma reminds that of freshly cut grass and a slight touch of apples, almonds and figs.

RECOMMENDED USE: This format is suitable for small families and those with less storage room in their homes. It is easy to carry thanks to its light weight