Aljaoliva quienes somos

Guaranteed quality in the AEVOO bottling and trading processes

AljaOliva™ has been mainly focusing on the trade of olives in bulk from the beginning until now. The factory was founded in July 2002 in Salteras where they bottle the Extra Virgin Olive Oil brought from the oil mill located in Bollullos de la Mitación in the province of Seville.

A family-owned business

AljaOliva, tradition and modernity: synonym of quality

A family-owned business compromised with the goal to obtain high quality extra virgin olive oil.  The new generations are trained in the values of tradition combined with the latest technological advances such as the most recent and updated extra virgin olive oil online store and oil mill.

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  • Aljaoliva aceite de oliva virgen extra
  • Aljaoliva aceitunas y aceite de oliva virgen extra
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  • Aljaoliva trazabilidad olivas aceite de oliva virgen extra

AljaOliva, from the crops to the mill ….and served directly to you.

AljaOliva™ is present in the entire oil production process all year round. This company supports the farmers and gives them advice on production systems, pruning and new tendencies.  AljaOliva makes sure they comply with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and European regulations at all times. They not only offer support to the farmers, but also guarantee the traceability, quality and excellence of the olives used to make this valuable oil.

AljaOliva guarantees food traceability and safety

AljaOliva™ guarantees the product traceability due to the fact that it takes care, provides advice, assists and cares for the entire process which the raw material has to go through all year round. We provide advice to our farmers, control the evolution of the olives and olive trees, vigilate the transportation after the raw material is collected, and we definitely respect the most demanding quality standards in our mill.

By doing so, we have total control over our AEVOO traceability and we can totally guarantee food safety.  Furthermore, we created a policy based on innocuousness, quality and environmental management applied to each of our processes.

Tradition and innovation when selling Extra Virgin Olive Oil

From its creation, AljaOliva has believed in innovating when selling oil and has considered the needs of its customers.  We value the importance of the production and bottling of high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Expert operators in charge of selling olives

AljaOliva™has earned an important position in the olive market from the time it was founded, especially for the ¨manzanilla¨ type. We have produced an extraordinary and high quality product which later was turned into outstanding Extra Virgin Olive Oil thanks to the aquisition of the oil mill.